June 5 2015

Comics Unlocked

What is Comics Unlocked?
An Independent Irish Comic Book publisher launching their first book at Dublin Comic Con in August 2015.

Who are Comics Unlocked?
A Southern Ireland Writer and a Northern Ireland Illustrator.

How did Comics Unlocked get… unlocked?
Dublin based Comic Book shop The Big Bang held a comics marketing talk in April 2014. The event was also an opportunity for prospective Irish Writers and Illustrators to chin wag and prospectively crank out books together.

That easy for Comics Unlocked to get started, eh?
Well no, not really. A lot of people were buzzing around at that event but Colin had the foresight to bring along sample art work with his contact details that he could distribute to those he met. Seamus sent Colin an e-mail with a script sample in October 2014 to see if Colin would be interested in working together. A Skype call later and they were good to go.

What books have Comic Unlocked pumped out?
August 2015 – A Life in Defence, a 28 comic book that is ultimately about responsibility.

Cool, what’s next for Comic Unlocked?
More comics…