June 1 2015

A Life in Defence

The first comic to be published by Comics Unlocked!


A Castle lays under siege by an enemy who cannot be appeased with gold. Three individuals within its walls hold the potential to lift the siege. 

One has the power.

One has the knowledge.

One has the authority.

Onto whose shoulders will responsibility fall?

A Life in Defence - preview page 1 A Life in Defence - preview page 2 A Life in Defence - preview page 3

A Life in Defence was launched at Dublin City Comic Con on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th August 2015. Reception and reviews were very positive. Please click on the below logos to read reviews of A Life in Defence:


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2 thoughts on “A Life in Defence

  1. Niamh Loughran

    Hey there, just wanted you to know that I bought a copy of the comic at Comic-con this weekend past and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The art style is beatiful and Ifelt that I often stared at a page for several minutes before moving on admiring the attention to detail, I loved the story arc of choosing your next life, I’d love to see something more done with that throughout the story. I am very interested in following the story, so please let me know when you release issue 2 of A life in Defense.
    Kind regards
    2D Artist of Robot Squid Studios
    Niamh Loughran.

    1. Defender (Post author)

      Hi Niamh, thanks a lot of picking up the book and for your kind comments 🙂

      We’re aiming to have a new book out before the end of the year. It won’t be a sequel to A Life in Defence but… we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available.

      All the best.

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