June 29 2015


Seamus Kavanagh (Writer)


Having grown up in a place where a Sega Mega Drive was called a Sega Genesis, Seamus is a Dublin based Writer with an MSc in Multimedia from Dublin City University. The first comic Seamus picked up was in 1995. He has made several unsuccessful attempts over the years to kick the habit but remains hopeful nonetheless. Spider-Man is Seamus’ favourite character, yet he doesn’t feature on Seamus’ #4comics*(see bottom of page) list:

Gargoyles 1 February 1995 - Image 1Essential X-Men 25 - September 1996 - Image 2Ultimate X-Men 1 - February 2001 - Image 3Pride of Baghdad - Image 4

Gargoyles #1 – Marvel Comics – February 1995
I was a big fan of the Disney TV show. A friend popped by my house one morning with the comic… which is now regarded as my gateway drug.

Essential X-Men #25 – Marvel Comics but reprinted through Panini UK Comic – September 1997
Now this is a UK comic reprint. It contained 2 different stories that were the start of the Age of Apocalypse storyline. My Dad actually brought this home to me as someone had left it behind where he worked. At this stage I was about 2 – 3 months having just moved country and thought to myself that this might be the time to kick the habbit… didn’t quite work out that way.

Ultimate X-Men #1 – February 2001
Similar to the Age of Apocalypse above, the darkness of this title had me hooked. I had spent the previous years just reading Spider-Man (not “Amazing,” just “Spider-Man”) from a local newsagent and the odd Sailor Moon whenever I was near a proper comic shop. The characters didn’t get on, the situations were out of their control and, despite knowing the characters so well from the 90s cartoon show, you really didn’t know what was coming next.

Pride of Baghdad (Graphic novel) – September 2006
A change of job brought me away from proper comic shops and once again, I had thought that I had found an opportunity to break up with comic books. A library close to my new workplace made short work of that break up thanks to this short but engrossing tale. After reading this book, I thought to myself, comics don’t have to be monthly segments of epic story lines, short and effective stories can be well worthwhile…

Colin Langan (Illustrator)


Colin is an illustrator based in Belfast originally from Armagh. For as long as he can remember Colin has loved two things: Drawing and stories of heroes and villains. Over the years of watching other media such as films and anime he eventually found comics on a search for more tales of his favourite characters. This quickly become his medium of choice as daring and unique storytelling captivated him as well as fantastic artwork. Eventually he put his two favourite things together (comics & drawing) and decided he wanted to start making his own stories. Colin’s #4comics are:

Batman Year One - February 1987 - Image 1 sNaruto Volume 1 - Image 2 sOne Piece Volume 1 - Image 3 sBatman New 52 - September 2011 - Image 4 s

Batman Year One – February 1987
My introduction to superhero comics and the first comic I can remember buying. I seen this without realising its importance or impact it had years earlier. I seen it on the self and was immediately drawn to it as it was an origin to my favourite character and it just looked damn good, although limited access to comics meant that this was one of the few comics I owned for years.

Naruto Vol 1 – March 2000 (Japanese)/ August 2003 (English)
After catching up on all episodes in the anime I was hungry for more so the manga was the next logical step as it was further along in the story. Little did I know that this would lead to my preference for comics over other media as I started enjoying reading much more than watching.

One Piece Vol 1 – December 1997 (Japanese)/ June 2003 (English)
After reading Naruto I was on the hunt for more stories in this genre I came across One Piece. It was so weird but so much fun that it quickly became my favourite manga. This really was the series that made me want to become a comic book artist as despite working long hours the creator must have a blast drawing all the wacky characters and fight scenes.

Batman #1 (new 52) – September 2011
Lastly although this is more recent this was my jumping on point to start getting comics on a weekly basis. After reading a lot of manga I really wanted to start reading american comics (and this time I had access to them) and the new 52 was the perfect jumping on point for me. The quality of the story and art was just fantastic and hooked me instantly. It remains my most look forward to comic each month.


*#4comics is a twitter hashtag members of the comics community used to show four comic books which influenced them as fans and creators of comic books.