March 11 2019

2019 Dublin Comic Con (Spring Edition)

Writing for Comics Panel at Dublin Comic Con

Having missed the opportunity to attend the previous Spring Dublin Comic Con events, 2019 aligned with a free weekend and it was possible for us to attend the Spring Edition of DCC 2019. No new comic (again) but we’re back hosting another Writing for Comics Panel featuring the incredibly talented…

Jason Browne

Paul Carroll

Rebecca Reynolds

This being the third such Panel, we stuck to the working format and changed things a little so that these Creators could have opportunity to showcase their specific skills and give rounded advice to budding Comic Creators.



This will never not be a good place to start and with these three Creators, the range of influences were so diverse, proving that the spark for stories can come from anywhere.

Paul’s Meouch is about an Assassin-for-Hire Kitty Cat, very much in the humorous and fourth wall breaking  style of Deadpool. Jason’s work with Buttonpress is Irish Myth and Legend in a Contemporary setting and his latest release, the Graphic Novel Thimble, features the lead Character tacking a Ghost in Rural Ireland. Rebecca’s Valerie is about Three Teens visiting a deserted Shopping Mall in America and what one of the Group finds within.

Writing for Comics Panel Dublin Comic Con Writing for Comics Panel Dublin Comic Con

As an Illustrator/ Writer, Rebecca’s influences were quite stylised. The energy and life from the Manga she’s enjoyed, the colour schemes of music videos and a photography exhibition of abandoned Malls in America were all detailed and then shown evident within her work. The audience certainly got a kick out of seeing her references images translate to finished pages from her comic.

Writing for a Visual Medium

Paul spoke a lot about the collaboration process here and how he works with Illustrators, Colourists and Letters to bring his project to life. What first appears on paper isn’t necessarily what will form on the finished page and Paul gave insight into working with his Collaborators. There were quite a few examples through which Paul showed that he really understood the medium he was writing for, with references made to some nice visuals compositions that were evident from his original script and translated by his Illustrator. More so, Meouch contained examples the Illustrator, Gareth Luby, was given free reign to reinterpret sections of the original script into visual panels he felt worked better.

Writing for Comics Panel Dublin Comic Con featuring Paul Carroll Meouch Comic

Creator Specific Questions

Jason has been publishing Comics through his Buttonpress Label since 2007 and had a wealth of knowledge to share about the Comic Creation Process. Over the years his work has been assembled into Graphic Novels which Jason has sought ISBN’s for, allowing his comics to enter Book Stores and be sold at shops within Ireland, across the UK and as part away as Mexico, where they’re apparently quite popular. Clear evidence of solid work!

Buttonpress Thimnle at Dublin Comic Con

Q + A

We actually had time for some Questions at this one and the best one I recall was from a Woman asking about the respective background of each of the Panelists, which were: MultiMedia Graduate now working in Finance/ Banking, Retail Work and Animator. The key message here is that none had or required formal background for Writing. They all saw this as something that wanted to do and through their passion and determination, their projects have materialised.

Anyone can do this so anyone that wants to should try.


There is a lot of quality Comic Creating Talent within Ireland and we hope to be back at Dublin Comic Con 2019 with another Panel of Irish Comic Creators ready to share their and creative processes with Comic Con Fans (“,)

Writing for Comics Panelists

Left to right, Paul Carroll, Jason Browne and Rebecca Reynolds.

One More Thing…

I bumped into this random Gentleman at Comic Con and he tried to steal my Green Ranger Action Figure. I got it back but not before the Chap scribbled all over it with a black sharpie. Some people, eh?

Jason David Frank trying to steal a Green Ranger Action figure at Dublin Comic Con 2019

Jason David Frank being a real Gentleman and obliging Guest at 2019 Dublin Comic Con.

– Seamus Kavanagh

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