February 6 2019

Holiday Comics – De Striep, Bruges, Belgium

You know what’s good craic? Getting comics while on Holiday. I was in Brussels for work and took a weekend trip down to Bruges afterwards. It’s not the “Kip” Colin Farrell makes it out to be! Bruges even has a comic shop right around the corner from my Hotel…

Where did I go?

De Striep Bruges Outside of the Shop

De Striep

Katelijnestraat 42, 8000 Brugge, Belgium


So, what’s it like?

De Striep Bruges Main Shop De Striep Bruges Main Shop 2 De Striep Bruges New Releases Wall

Quite a larger store than expected! Definitely more a book store than a Pop Culture show house. Plenty of choice, across two floors, of Graphic Novels available in different languages. There’a real appreciation for the medium of comics in Belgium and their new release well is packed full of the latest French titles.

De Striep Bruges American Comics De Striep Bruges Back Issues

There is a section section for American Comics as well. These are mostly trades (again, available in multiple languages) but there is a back issue section for single issues also.

De Striep Bruges Toys De Striep Bruges Posters and Art Upstairs De Striep Bruges discounted graphic novel section

There’s a place just to right as you enter for Board Games. The walls throughout have old toys available for sale including some 90s Marvel items, some Final Fantasy gear, various 90s Image properties and all sorts really. Definitely worth taking a slow look around as you’d miss key stuff in a rush!

Now that I draft this post… I don’t know if I saw a single Funko Pop anywhere in the store…

So, what did I get anyway?

De Striep Bruges My Purchases

Comics Confidential – Hardback Book

Infamous Iron Man Volume 1 – Trade Paper Back

Tinin Desk Model

Weekend trips away mean tight suitcase space so I didn’t grab a lot…

Comics Confidential caught my eye; it’s a collection of 13 interviews with Graphic Novel Creators on their creations and work/ life balance. Infamous Iron Man has always been on my radar. I was on monthly pick-up for Bendis + Maleev’s Daredevil run so their teaming up again for a Dr. Doom story was only a matter of time. I had picked up some Tintin in Brussels earlier so nabbed that Tintin statue for my desk back home.

The ticket in the photo? The Belfry of course! Can’t have a visit with a climb up and up and up… (“,)

6th February 2019

– Seamus

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