October 15 2018

Holiday Comics – Collector’s Corner, Baltimore, USA

You know what’s good craic? Getting comics while on Holiday. I was in Baltimore, USA while visiting Family on Holiday and had the opportunity to visit Baltimore City Centre on a rainy afternoon…

Where did I go?

Collector’s Corner

403 N Charles St, Baltimore, Maryland 21201, USA


So, what’s it like?

The image above is taken from the back of the store, looking toward the front door. This place screams Comic Book Store as soon as you walk in. That’s Comic Book Store as opposed to a Pop Culture Entertainment Store.

Immediately to the right are the week’s latest Comic Book releases widely displayed on the wall, along with a neat Variant Cover section. Previous releases then follow on down that Wall to the back of the store. Along the top of the shelving units are key comic issues displayed and available for Sale. I spotted a 4 issue set of the 1996 DC Vs Marvel Comics series which I would have jumped on, had I not purchased it all when it was originally released (“,)

The selection of books was great and their back issues were plentiful. I had very little time to spend in the store as I was on a tight schedule (adding also that I had to run uphill to get there) but thankfully the Sales Folk there are super sound. Conversation was carried on while I rushed around the store, flying through back issue bins and deciding what I wanted to purchase.


So, what did I get anyway?

The Walking Dead 15th Anniversary Blind Bags #1, #19 and #127

The Walking Dead 15th Anniversary #1 – Collector’s Corner Cover

What If? #17 – Kraven had Killed Spider-Man

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars (1984) #9

Spectacular Spider-Man #219 and #220

Walking Dead Day has just passed the previous weekend, celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the series. There was a box up front with some blind bags so I nabbed a handful. At the time of writing,  my Blind Bag for#1 was a Colour Virgin… but I haven’t opened the others as yet…

I do like getting the opportunity to visit Comic Books stores while travelling so the perfect take home from a visit like this was their Store Exclusive 15th Anniversary #1, with their own store logo in the background. Having spent over $10 on TWD items, they threw that book in for free and I was glad to be able to bring it back home to Ireland from my trip.

15th October 2018

– Seamus

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