August 14 2018

2018 Dublin Comic Con

One might ask, are you guys going to pack in the whole comic creating thing? Fair question and the answer is No… we’ll keep at it…

Still without a new book, we nevertheless wished to take part with 2018 Dublin Comic Con so once again, we set our sights with gathering and moderating a Panel of Writers. On Sunday 12th August 2018 I took the moderating position and was lucky to have 3x Great Writers willing to take part, who were:
Barry Keegan

Gary Moloney

Faye Simms

Like 2017, we structured our time into 4 segments but the focus was a little different;


As always, this is a fun question to start off with and this year, the variety in answers was quite insightful. Gary has a background in Law so he spoke about how he worked that in a 4 page short entitled Lex Iniusta, adding in the popular media he leaned on also. The story of Faye’s book The Foldings is very much the World the Characters inhabit and so Faye spoke about the visual influences that brought her book to Life. Barry’s answer was quite insightful in that his Irish fantasy book is set in and about Portarlington, Ireland. He displayed location images from the area, including the Country side, locations in the Town and of course, his own Comic Creator influences.

Writing for a Visual Medium

Last year, we had four Writers, none of whom skilled at the art of Illustration (nor am I! – Seamus). This year however, two of our Panelists were Illustrator/ Writers combos and so this section had quite a bit of variety in terms of advice offered. Gary’s approach was somewhat traditional in that he needed to use a long script in order to appropriately communicate to his Illustration Partner the images hoed to create through their collaboration.  For Barry and Faye, both displayed lighter guidelines, more like directions for themselves but very detailed finished pieces thereafter.

Creator Specific Questions

Each Writer was asked a specific question, focused on their own work. As the Audience did contain Individuals seeking to create their own comics, Gary was asked to detail how he sought the many Collaborators that joined together to produce his 6 story Mixtape Anthology. Faye gave an Illustrator’s perspective on Storytelling, focus on what appeals most to her in putting a visual world together. Barry’s The Bog Road commenced formal work in 2014, finally being launched in Spring of 2018 and so Barry detailed the project management process and what it took for him to commit to his dream project and see it through to completion.

Q + A

We managed time for a Q & A a the end. We can’t recall what they were right now but the Attendees seemed happy with their answers so we can only assume that a good job was done.

Until next Dublin Comic Con (“,)

Writing for Comics with Faye Sims Gary Moloney Barry Keegan Seamus Kavanagh

Left to right, Faye Sims, Gary Moloney and Barry Keegan.

– Seamus Kavanagh

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