May 8 2018

Free Comic Book Day 2018

Who doesn’t love the first Saturday of May (“,)

I’d totally Q for an event like this but with FCBD taking place on a Saturday morning, parkrun’s gotta come first.

Go on, what FCBD Titles did you get?

That sure is a lot of comics but don’t worry, I didn’t greedly grab as many free books I my hands could carry!

This is my lot of Free Titles. I scanned the FCBD website in advance but the only titles on my must list were Avengers, Spidy and Power Rangers. There was little chance of these titles disappearing before mid-day but nevertheless, was glad to nab them.

I don’t get over to the Big Bang to collect my comics often so when I do, it’s often to to collect 3 – 5 weeks worth of a standing order.

I didn’t take many pictures inside the shop on the day so check out their Instagram feed:

A key element of Free Comic Book Day is to support One’s Local Comic Book Shop. Sure, I spent a lot of money in the Shop collecting my standing order but to be fair, even without FCBD I’d have spent the same amount anyway. So that end, I felt it appropriate to purchase something extra on the day. The above book sounds like a great behind-the-scenes on the history of X-Men comics so hopefully it’ll turn out well.

You know, I’ve actually got a FCBD Tradition…

I hit up parkrun most weekends. Malahide is my local so FCBD presents me with worthy opportunity to visit other parkruns while I’m on the other side of Town. In 2015, I was in Newcastle, tried Tymon in 2016 and then Bushy Park last year. This year, it was Cabinteely.

Sonia O’Sullivan had run that parkrun the week previous in celebration of her 100th parkrun. Running Numbers weren’t as heavy this week but no stress. The course is beautiful and that Saturday was gorgeous. It was literally ideal, picturesque conditions with the sun shining and Birds singing in the park. It’s a tough course though with a hell of a hill that needs climbing, three times! Great craic though 🙂 Finished in 6th place… I can do better….

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