October 12 2017

Holiday Comics – Comics Mart, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You know what’s good craic? Getting comics while on Holiday. I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this month and took some time (which I didn’t have…) to visit a (in no way) local comic book shop.

Where did I go?

Comics Mart

Mid-Valley Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

So, what’s it like?

Well, it wasn’t really a Comic Book Shop in the traditional sense. It was certainly a geeky/ pop-culture place but comics were not the highlight of this shop. Table-top gaming, be it card, Board Game or the likes of Warhammer and Action Figures were the main focus. There were a few long boxes of old Marvel and DC comics but there was no new release section or even a Graphic Novel area.

Maybe the name is somewhat misleading but it’s still a shop Comic Book Folk would be interested to visit. They had some old Toys still well packaged for sale which were cool to browse through. No Skottie Young Baby Variants for me to take home on this time.

So, what did I get anyway?

Well, I bought an Amazing Spidy comic, numbered in the 250somethings. My interest was taken by a shop across the way selling…

So badly did I want one of theses. The thing is, I had managed to nab a SNES back home the week previous. The opportunity now lay before me to have Mini SNES Classics for all three regions. It would have been ridiculously expensive and completely unnecessary to have all three but however ridiculous, it would also be equally as cool.

Common sense prevailed that day and I did not purchase either. The Super Famicom system’s version of Street Fighter 2 is The New Challengers and as Cammy is my go-to Street Fighter Character, that would have pushed me to impulse but however, the Folks behind the Counter informed me that there is no option for English on the Menu. With the PAL SNES Classic already at home, there was no justifiable reason to make that purchase.

I did buy there cool Final Fantasy Cloud Amiibos though. I don’t believe that they were even sold in Ireland so I was delighted to be able to find them and bring them home.

A Final Word on Trains…

Here in Ireland, it’s not uncommon to hear of the City’s main rail service, the Dart, being delayed every now and again. Locally, we joke that there are leafs on the track which would cause the whole thing to grind to a halt. The service times aren’t that frequent either so, again locally, we all know to plan trips in advance with departure and return times because turning up to see a Dart just leaving doesn’t mean that the next one will arrive shortly…

Here’s what I learnt about Trains in Malaysia, at least in the City on a Saturday afternoon; They’re advertised as every 10-15 minutes but sometimes they just don’t turn up, at all.

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