August 18 2017

2017 Dublin Comic Con

If a Tree falls in the Woods but no one is there to hear it… did it actually fall?

We were set to table at DCC 2017 but had to pass out table on… Life can be shitty sometimes.

Having said that, Dublin Comic Con presents great opportunity to get involved every year and so there were other ways for us to take part. On Saturday 12th August 2017 I hosted a Writing for Comics panel at 4pm. I took the moderating position and was lucky to have 4x Great Writers willing to take part, who were:

Hugo Boylan

Aaron Fever

Tracy Sears

Kerrie Smith

We structured our time into 4 segments;


The Writers each spoke about a book they wrote and where their ideas came from. Some were born out of a desire to tell a story in a particular setting or of a particular genre but others had more insightful and honest origins which really gave good insight into creative processes.

Writing for a Visual Medium

Here each Writer displayed a scripted page of text along side the finished product for same. This was quite exciting as each of the 4 had a different style in terms of laying out their page plan on paper. The key ingredient here was how each worked with their Illustrator to bring the pages to life and again, some had off-hand and easy to communicate ideas where other chose to provide more detail in their descriptions.

Finding Collaborators

Quite a lot of people in the Audience were keen to get started on their own comics so the take-away here was to get out, to the comic related events and meet people. Events like DCC are great opportunities but smaller events do exist throughout the year and fledgling Creators should look to these in order to find their Collaborators. (This is how we got started!)

Q + A

The panel of Writers were great and had a to say… so much that we didn’t really have time for a Q+A! This was down to me not captaining a tighter ship but the Audience started big and remained that way throughout so we can only take that as a sign of a job well done. We did have three books to recommend as further reading and they were:






Brian Michael Benids – Words for Pictures

One of the biggest names in the industry takes you through formal script writing processes. Advice is also given on working with Collaborates and is a great start to help those struggling with a blank sheet of paper in front of them.

Scott McCloud – Understanding Comics

Comics are an entirely different medium to movies, books, tv shows etc… This book explores the HOW of comics and shines a light on the unique features people often take for granted.

Dirk Manning – Write or Wrong

This book is a great tale of one guy’s journey of wanting to make comics and how he got there. It’s not a straight forward path and so much happens along the way that would logically tell a person; it’s just not meant to be. Dirk pressed forward though and this book is a real motivator for anyone that wants to and needs that little motivational push.

Oh Hey, did you buy any comics?

As ever, there was quite a lot of good books on offer so here’s a taste of what I brought home from DC 2017:

Until next time… which will be Thought Bubble 2o17 in Leeds, Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th September 2017.

– Seamus Kavanagh

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