June 25 2017

Holiday Comics – Kingpin Books, Lisbon, Portugal

You know what’s good craic? Getting comics while on Holiday. I was in Lisbon, Portugal this month for a very short visit. In between the Airport and Hotel was a shop not far from the underground train station stop Alameda…

Where did I go?

Kingpin Books (seriously, it’s there in the centre, behind that car)

Rua Quirino da Fonseca, 16-B 1000-252 Lisboa Portugal


So, what’s it like?

Nice! Great shop that uses its space really well. Nice selection of weekly single issues on one wall, huge selection of graphic novels beside them and then a Manga/ Anime section on the opposite wall. Being in Portugal, most of the graphic novels were in Portugaise, see below for some North American titles suitably localised:

One of the coolest features is its local/ indy section. A great selection of works by Local Creators and given fairly prominent placement within the shop as well.

I arrived on a Thursday and thought I’d get myself the first issue of Winnebago Graveyard, which was just released the day previous. However, the Sales Assistant informed me that they don’t get new comics every week, making New Comic Book Day them a fortnightly event instead.

Also, Funkos everywhere, like any comic shop really (“,)

So, what did I get anyway?

Untold Tales of Spider-Man (1995) #2, #11 – #24

Web of Scarlet Spider #3 – #4

Web of Spider-Man #87 – #89

In drawers underneath the new comics is a small back issue section. I’m always happy to collect the rest of the Scarlet Spider 90s stuff and there was nearly a full set of Untold Tales of Spider-Man, also from the 90, so I picked up as many of them as I could.

Check out the cover artwork on these issues as well, some really cool stuff:

Actually, here’s something I didn’t get…

I think Funko Pops are cool and I’m into collectable stuff but when I saw that these were getting big I applied the overcoming addiction phrase to myself; one is too many, one thousand is never enough. OH! A Scarlet Spider Funko, surely I can bend the rules for that one… nope, I didn’t. Damn well tempted (as I’d never seen one on shelves back in Ireland) but no, gotta stick to the rules…

25th June 2017

– Seamus

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