April 4 2017

Holiday Comics – Kaboom! Comics, Zurich, Switzerland

You know what’s good craic? Getting comics while on Holiday. I was in Zurich, Switzerland last month and was quite fortunate to find a comic shop in between the Hotel I was staying in and City Centre…

Where did I go?

Kaboom! Comics

KABOOOM Entertainment GmbH, Dienerstrasse 36, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland


So, what’s it like?

For a shop that shares a store front with a Travel Agent… you get a comic book shop with a Travel Agent desk in the corner!

There’s a good selection of comics available and you’ll find your Marvel/ DC/ Image new releases on hand. There didn’t appear to be a new release section, just areas divided by different character books so it was a little difficult to navigate for particular titles.

There is a trade paperback area and a decent back issue section also. Skottie Young marvel variants are my jam and this place had a whole long box full of these to choose from. With little to spare I could only pick up a few. Comic prices are a little bit more expensive in Zurich when compared to Ireland. What would be €4 back home was at least 6 Swiss Francs, roughly €5.5, and the SY variants were more expensive still. Not a complaint, but a learning experience (“,)

Apparently card games are a big deal over in Zurich and there’s a large area at the back with tables for Gamers to play. Tournaments are hosted regularly but not during the time I had to pop in.

The most interesting part of the visit was reading the opening hours:

Mo – Fr: 11:00 – 19:00
Sa: 10:00 – 16:00

Comic Shops in Ireland would drop their jaws at the sight of this. A retail business that can survive with short hours on a Saturday and closed on a Sunday? Would not be possible back home but to be fair, this is the case for a lot of businesses in Zurich, and Continental Europe from what I hear. Keeping Sunday as a rest day is no bad thing so fair play to them.

So, what did I get anyway?

Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #628

Infamous Iron Man (2016) #3

Iron Fist, the Living Weapon (2014) #1 (Skottie Young Cover)

Original Sin (2014) #1 (Skottie Young Cover)

The Ultimates (2015) #1 (Skottie Young Cover)

Web of Spider-Man (1985) #117

It was great to get the chance to pick up some SY variants that I missed. No specific reason for Original Sin or Iron Fist but I particularly wanted that Ultimates cover was threw that in the definite pile once I came across it. Picked up Infamous Iron Man because I had just read the second issue, which I had picked up while travelling in New York so that felt fitting. Web of Spidy was a bit of a mistake… Scarlet Spidy is one of my favourite characters so I’m looking to get all of his early appearances. I wasn’t sure which I did or did not have so I just got this to be safe. As for Amazing Spidy #628… I knew I had a gap in my collection around that number but for the money for that back issue… I should have went for another SY variant.

If get the opportunity to visit Zurich again, I’ll be packing more cash for more of those early SY variants (“,)

3rd April 2017

– Seamus


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