April 14 2016

Holiday Comics – San Antonio, Texas

You know what’s good craic? Getting comics while on Holiday. I was in San Antonio, Texas this month and took some time out to visit a Comic Shop near where I was staying. Well, when I say near, it was near by North American standards…

Collectors Authoity San Antonio Texas

Where did I go?

Collector’s Authority

1534 SE Military Dr # 106, San Antonio, TX 78214, United States

Collectors Authoity San Antonio Texas - Spider-Man

Collectors Authoity San Antonio Texas - new comics wallCollectors Authoity San Antonio Texas - backissues

So, what’s it like?

Pretty cool. Very much a comic book shop and less a geek culture outlet. There was a large wall at the back with the week’s new releases, underneath posters of Marvel’s 90s Heroes Reborn no less. Around the walls were key comic issues on display for purchase. There were plenty of boxes of back issues to go through in the centre as well.

Graphic novels were plentiful on display. Action figures, not so much which meant no joy on a Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen.

My Comics from San Antonio

So, what did I get anyway?

Spider-Man (Volume 1) #13

Ultimate End #1 – Skottie Young Variant cover

Ultimate Fallout #4 – 1st appearance of Miles Morales (second printing)

Weirdworld #1 – Skottie Young Variant cover

Wolverine/ Gambit Victims #3 (of 4)

I do love a Skottie Young cover so managed to nap two that weren’t available to me through my LCS. Spider-Man #13 was a must for my collection of that cover swipe. I thought picking up the first appearance of Miles Morales would be a nice way to remember the trip… it was only when I got back that I realised it was a second printing…

Wolverine/ Gambit Victims is an interesting one. I have the first two issues, of a 4 issue limited series, from back in the 90s. It’s a Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale collaboration but it’s not nearly as well known as their other books. I do like the idea of finishing the series 20 years later so there’s only 1 issue to go now 🙂 True, that issue could be easily sourced online but I prefer sourcing books in shops. There;s more of a story to the collection process afterwards.

– Seamus

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