September 14 2015

That difficult second album…

We’re very pleased with our success for A Life in Defence (check out the reviews here) and as we look ahead to dark winter evenings, attention has turned to preparations for Book number 2.

We’re in an odd situation in that we have a script for another comic locked and ready to go… but both Colin and I are in agreement that this particular script would be better suited as Book 3. For any who met us at either Dublin Comic Con or Colin at the Comic City festival in Derry, we said that the story of A Life in Defence is a one-shot and our next books will also be stand alone stories. We’re sticking to that and do have some out-there tales planned for 2016.

Starting the next book...

Book 2 has started to take shape. I, Seamus, wasn’t able to attend the Comic City festival in Derry as I was abroad but that trip abroad gave me something very useful when it comes to creating comics: 2x 19 hour flights with lots of time to focus on crafting an engaging story. We have the story outline ready and a few key scenes drafted. We’ll focus now on getting the the script complete and will run it through a few drafts to make sure that we’re happy with it. We’ll be aiming for a 2016 launch but while that gives us a lot of time to play with, we’re focused on creating quality material for 2016 and so won’t be taking it easy.

We’re looking forward to creating and we hope you’re looking forward to reading (“,)

– Seamus

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